Kindergarten assessments and data collection to help drive instruction

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Comparing Numbers Throughout the Day

June 11

Comparing numbers in whole group math, small group math, math journals, and math stations…feeling overwhelmed?  Hopefully, this post will help you see how I fit it all in.  You can view a daily schedule HERE. Let’s start with the different…

Organizing Guided Reading Groups

November 18

I am following up on the guided reading webinar I conducted a few weeks ago.  As promised, I am breaking the webinar down into more digestible sections. Guided reading is a huge section and I don’t want you to feel like you…

Differentiated Learning Centers… DON’T Panic!

August 17

Differentiated Learning Centers! Don’t panic! I have come up with ways to offer differentiation for your kindergarten learning activities.  This might make you want to roll your eyes… but hang with me… I will show you HOW!   The idea…

Tips for the BEST Kindergarten Round Up!

March 28

Kindergarten Round Up is always exciting for me.  This is where we do our kindergarten screening assessment on our incoming students and learn more about them.  I loved walking down the hall and looking at the fresh little faces that…

About Me

About Me

My teaching career allowed me to experience teaching to different age groups and in different classroom environments. My heart belongs to early childhood education and I love working with other teachers who share this same love as me. Read More


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