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Peek at my Week-St. Pat’s Week!

March 15

We’ve got a holiday coming up! Here are some kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day resources! I just pulled into the homestead after a wonderful weekend in Indiana! It may have been a struggle for me to get there… but the struggle…

Peek… sort of… of my week!

March 11

So do you have those weeks where you just. can’t. get. it. together? (insert image of me HERE… ha!) So this week I will give your pictorial Peek at my Week! Sorry… it is, what it is (I struggle.) Here…

Peek at my Week-Game ON!

February 15

William Glasser, in his book, The Quality School, says that individuals are motivated by the need for fun! Things like kindergarten printable learning games can fit this need perfectly! Yes, describes me! Maria Tate, in her book,  Worksheets Don’t Grow…

Peek at my Week-Groundhog Week!

February 1

He’s back!  I sort of love the non-pressure of Groundhog’s Day! A new month means it is time of me to swap out my monthly staples!  Our writing station is up and ready for February! I am ready for President’s…

The Emperor’s Egg Unit of Study

January 11

The Emperor’s Egg Unit of Study:  Kindergarten Penguin Resources for informational text study makes penguin week was pretty spectacular! Penguin Informational Texts The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins is a fantastic book!  This book pairs informational text with narrative texts! …

Peek at my week-Gingerbread Style

November 30

This week I do not have many photos from my classroom.  I tore out of there on Tuesday after school to rush towards the airport. Big news for the Wills family! We sold our house in Missouri. And we are…

Peek at my Week-FALL!

November 9

Fall has arrived! These kindergarten fall activities are perfect for this time of year! I added more writing page options to my writing station.  I don’t like to put the entire month’s worth of pages out at once.   I want…

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About Me

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