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Nonfiction Writing

January 9

Nonfiction writing in kindergarten. Anchor charts for informational texts and model writing for writers workshop. Good times in our Reading and Writing Workshop this past week.  We jumped into nonfiction studies.  I handed 2-3 nonfiction books to each reading partner…

Writing Assessment

December 16

Writing Assessments in Kindergarten. This blog post contains student writing samples that I used to assess students writing progress across the writing continuum. It compares October kindergarten writing samples with December kindergarten writing samples. These samples were collected during our…

Let’s talk about Writer’s Workshop

December 6

Writers’ Workshop December Kindergarten Writing!  Here is a look at the progress we have made in December in Writers Workshop Writers’ Workshop December Kindergarten Writing My kiddos are TOTALLY invested in writing, but their teacher is having to take very…

Writer’s Workshop in November

November 12

Here is a look at the progress we have made in November in our kindergarten Writers Workshop.    Someone had asked to see an example of my students kindergarten writing… So here it is!   Note: This is a followup to…

Writers Workshop-Katie Wood Ray Style

November 12

Oh Boy!  Let me just get this out there… I am a control freak in my classroom!  Confession is good for the soul!   I first started to wonder if there was more than one way to bake this cake…

Writer’s Workshop-Illustration Study

October 11

Writer’s Workshop Illustration Study!  We have been using mentor texts to learn the qualities of writing in our kindergarten class.   Specifically, we are looking at the work of illustrators. I have fallen in love with Katie Wood Ray’s book, In…

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About Me

My teaching career allowed me to experience teaching to different age groups and in different classroom environments. My heart belongs to early childhood education and I love working with other teachers who share this same love as me. Read More


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