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Morning Work Ideas for Kindergarten and First Grade

March 18

Morning work ideas for your kindergarten and first-grade students. These no-prep, printable activities will keep students engaged and ready for each day. Morning Work Ideas  As we know, students thrive on expectations and routines. Establishing a good morning routine provides…

How to Make Handwriting Practice Fun

May 3

Fun and easy handwriting practice for kindergarten and first grade. Develop fine motor skills and provide handwriting support with Firesara Pencil Grips. Handwriting Practice Handwriting practice… yes, we know those words quite well. Daily handwriting instruction is so important in…

Why Teaching Handwriting is Still Important

July 27

Kindergarten handwriting instruction is still an important part of your literacy lessons.  But in if I am being completely honest with you, this was my LEAST favorite skill to teach.  LEAST!   Until I found a way to make it…

Baby Diapers: b and d reversals

February 28

  Letter reversal strategies for kindergarten TIP! Research tells us that letter reversals are not uncommon in young children, but I wanted to offer a fun way to remind my students about b and d. I know I want to…

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About Me

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