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Bump Games | Math & Literacy Activities

March 29

Teach these simple kindergarten classroom games and swap out the skills to have a predictable center or station all year long! Check out the first-grade games, too! First Grade & Kindergarten Classroom Games: Bump! The BUMP games are purposely predictable…

Spring Poems | Poetry in the Classroom

March 21

Adding poetry to your daily routine is simple! Bring on Spring and add poetry in the classroom with these fun, spring poems! Your class will love to sing along with these shared readings. It’s officially Spring! We’ve had a couple…

Kindergarten Anytime Literacy Centers

March 16

Non-thematic kindergarten literacy centers can be used at any time throughout the year. CVC words, rhyming, letter sounds, and more! Kindergarten Literacy Centers Centers are LIFE in kindergarten! Kids love them, teachers love them, and principals love them! It is…

Listening Center Activities and Ideas!

November 19

Listening center ideas and response activities for kindergarten and first grade. These listening center ideas will turn your listening to reading station into an active learning activity for students.  SWEET! Listening Center Activities: Research Supported fun I have always loved…

The Winter Games in the Classroom

January 27

Winter Games Lesson Ideas are great for the Winter Olympics or anytime it turns cold. Here are a few suggestions for you! Winter Games Read Aloud These three books (affiliate links) are wonderful for discussing the Winter Olympics: Tacky and…

15 Fun Ideas to Teach Sight Words (Free File)

November 7

15 Sight Word Ideas for your classroom! You got it!  I have collected some ideas to share with you that are engaging!  Embedded in Daily Instruction 1.  Sight word flash cards Each day we quickly read through our sight words. …

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