My goal is to make teaching easier, more effective, and most of all fun!​

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FREE Curriculum planning map

Make your life easier with this FREE Curriculum Planning Map with over 400+ pages and free resources!

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I have worked with thousands of teachers, and I can’t wait to share what WORKS in these FREE webinars.  Sign up for the new one or replay previously held webinars!


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When Your Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree
Writing center for kindergarten
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Writing Center for May
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Meet Deedee

Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten aims to provide Kindergarten teachers with valuable resources, lesson plans, and activities to help enhance the effectiveness of their teaching and better their overall classroom environments.

The Teacher Road Trip!
The Teacher Road Trip!

Latest Podcast

The Classroom Collaborative Podcast is a weekly show about teaching, the classroom, and education. We tackle new classroom tips and tricks in every episode.

Hosted by Deedee Wills and Adam Peterson