Kindergarten Spider Lesson Plans

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Peek at my Week-Spiders with a limited time free file

October 12 Deedee 1 min read

This week (and part of next week) we will be learning about spiders with these kindergarten spider lesson plans.  Here are a few videos I have found.


Brain Pop also has a spider video if you subscribe to that service.

Our poem is ready!

I also want to focus on sight words this week in our “Roll with it” station.  I have taken the “trace” papers out of these stations and will have the students work on “writing” the words from now on.

I may be cursing myself, but I have also set up a “Halloween” themed sentence for our pocket chart.  I know they will like it!


Here is my focus wall for the week!

This week we are finishing our 2nd unit in writing and out 2nd unit in math!
There is a freebie in my math stations this week.  It will only be available for a limited time so grab it while you can!

Free File

You can download this free spider center file by entering your email in the box below.

Caught in the Web Free file with 2 free spider center activities for kindergarten


  • Jen R October 12 at 6:07 pm

    ok – I'm SURE you've answered this question (probably a million times!) but how often do you change centers? You have 12 for both math and ELA…(even though they're all not open yet)…just curious.
    And thanks for giving me ideas to use in my class AND with my daughter! 🙂

    • Deedee October 12 at 6:54 pm

      So… for each station I make 20 response pages. When those pages run out, I swap it for a station I have already prepared (see list above). So almost every day, I put something new in my stations. Does that make sense?

      I have a drawer of "coming up" stations copied and ready to go. My students are trained to bring me the tub when they take the last response page out. I've done it like this for a few years and I love not wasting paper or time.

      Some stations stay the same (writing, pocket chart, overhead). I change the sentence each week for the pocket chart. For the writing station, I only make 10 copies of each paper… when they are gone… they are gone and they have to do one of the other papers. It nudges them to try a different type of paper (card, list, labeling, or story).

  • Ha Dinh October 13 at 12:18 am

    Thank you so much for the Link Up! I really like your Focus Wall. It doesn't seem to take up too much space, but has everything you need to focus on for the week all in one place.

    First Grade Shashay

  • Sandi MacDougall October 13 at 9:27 pm

    Thanks, Deedee.

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