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Podcast 1

Meet Your Hosts

Deedee Wills and Adam Peterson host have a love for all things teacher-y!  Join them every Monday for the latest episode of The Classroom Collaborative Podcast.

Deedee Wills is an early childhood educator, instructional coach, and international educational consultant. She is also the author of the award-winning blog, Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.

Adam Peterson is a kindergarten teacher, nationally recognized speaker, and educational consultant. He also the creator of the popular YouTube



Podcast 2

Deedee is joined by Marsha McGuire to discuss fine motor skills in kindergarten.   Marsha shares some ideas that every teacher can incorporate

Podcast 3

Deedee and Adam discuss some of the pros and cons that surround redshirting in kindergarten.  Redshirting is the process of delaying student

Podcast 4

Deedee and Adam chat about the upcoming Teacher Road Trip.  This is a series of teacher meet-ups that will be hosted by

Podcast 5

Adam and Deedee chat about the #betheyellow movement and the worldwide celebration called Make Someone’s Day Yellow! Visit for more information!

Take the Learning Outside

Deedee and Adam talk about ways to take learning outside!  The weather is starting to get warmer so why not take the

The Educator Summit!

In this bonus episode, Deedee and Adam discuss the upcoming event of the summer – The Educator Summit! I am thrilled to

Our Book Recommendations

Deedee and Adam share some of their favorite books and some top picks that are available now!   Here are some of

Our Favorite YouTube Channels for Teachers

Deedee and Adam talk about a few of their favorite teacher-related YouTube channel recommendations for teachers. Here is a list with links

Podcast 6

Adam and Deedee are joined by their good friend, Cindy Price.  Cindy is a first-grade teacher in Delaware and has been teaching