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Podcast 1

Meet Your Hosts

Deedee Wills and Adam Peterson host have a love for all things teacher-y!  Join them every Monday for the latest episode of The Classroom Collaborative Podcast.

Deedee Wills is an early childhood educator, instructional coach, and international educational consultant. She is also the author of the award-winning blog, Mrs. Wills Kindergarten.

Adam Peterson is a kindergarten teacher, nationally recognized speaker, and educational consultant. He also the creator of the popular YouTube



Podcast 2

How do you use assessments to inform your teaching? Deedee and Adam discuss how to use formative assessments to help drive instruction.

Podcast 3

Join Adam and Deedee as they continue their discussion on bring play into the classroom. They are joined by their special guest,

Podcast 4

Deedee and Adam discuss balancing play with teaching in today’s classroom. They offer practical solutions on how merge play with learning so

Podcast 5

Deedee and Adam discuss ways to model, show, and encourage a kind classroom and school community.  About the Podcast The Classroom

Podcast 6

Adam and Deedee discuss how to create a meaningful partnership with parents. They also share a few tips on how to have

Podcast 7

Deedee and Adam sit down to talk about some of their favorite read-aloud books to read during the first few days of

Podcast 8

This episode focuses on Deedee and Adam’s favorite ways to make the first day of school as special as possible!  About

Podcast 9

In this episode, we share our favorite ways to unplug and recharge!  We strive to create a work/life balance and offer our

Podcast 10

  Welcome to The Classroom Collaborative Podcast! In our first episode, we discuss the reasons why we decided to team together to