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Do you need Math and Literacy Boom Cards for First Grade? These self-checking Boom Cards are a fun way to make learning math and literacy skills engaging and effective! These digital resources are hosted in a secure online platform. They are a perfect way for students to practice skills. 


This BUNDLE includes 12 math and literacy boom card activities. There are 6 ELA decks and 6 math decks.


Here are the activities you will find in the May Bundle of Boom Cards for First Grade:

  • Bird’s Nest Addition and Subtraction First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Chirpy Subtraction First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Farmhouse Equations First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Garden Addition First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Ice Cream Addition First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Rainy Day Addition First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Sentences at the Beach First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Baking Sweet Sight Words First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Beachy Keen Long E Words First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Phoneme Manipulation Fairy First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Tropical Contractions First Grade Boom Card Activities
  • Deep Dive Trigraphs First Grade Boom Card Activities


NOTE: This deck is included in this Boom Bundle:


What are Boom Cards?

Boom cards are interactive digital task cards that are self-checking! They are hosted on the Boom Learning platform. A group of slides is often referred to as a slide deck. Teachers can build their Boom Library by creating their own decks or purchasing individual digital activities that have been created for them. Teachers can then assign the tasks by logging into the Boom Learning website.


Why You Will Love Boom Cards

  • Easy to differentiate – You can assign different decks to individual students. Some students may complete an activity in January, while others might be ready for that particular skill later in the school year.
  • Audio Instruction – Another key area is how easy Boom Learning is with the audio directions. These verbal instructions and guidance throughout the lessons are an easy way to support student independence! Perfect for kindergarten and first-grade students who are trying to work independently! YES! You will have more time to wok with your small groups!
  • Immediate Feedback – They are also fantastic when it’s come to interactivity. Students will receive instant feedback if they have made an error. Then they are given an opportunity to correct the mistake. This provides student accountability while working independently, which makes the activities much more effective!
  • Interactive Activities – Each Boom deck is unique, so read the specific boom deck description to see the different features each deck has. However, generally, students can drag and drop their responses, click on the correct answer, or even type their responses. No worries about accidentally resizing pieces like in Google Classroom activities.
  • Saves time – For a very reasonable price, you can get a paid account that tracks student progress. The cards are automatically graded, and you can see how each student did on every slide in the deck. This will save you SO much time as you gather student data.


How to Get Started with Boom Cards

To get started with Boom Cards, you will first need to create a Boom Learning Account. There are several different membership levels, ranging from a free account to a Boom Plus account. so choose the boom account that works best for you. You can always upgrade or downgrade your Boom Learning membership at any time.

  • Free Account: The free version allows for a fast play link or fast pin link with up to 5 students. You can start by opening a free trial and playing around in the Boom app.
  • Essential Account and Premium Account: (these are the types of accounts most teachers will want for their classroom) Both of the paid version accounts are very affordable and gather data on individual student success. For a small fee, you will be able to review student performance on different skills individually.


Learn more about the various memberships by going to the Boom help section:


Different Ways to Use Boom Cards

There are so many ways to assign Boom Cards in your classroom. Guess what? They even work in Seesaw, Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, and more!

  • Setting Up with Google Classroom
  • If you want more detailed reports, you will want to use the hyperplay links.
  • If you use a learning management system to assign decks such as Google Classroom, Schoology, Moodle, Blackboard, PowerSchool, Canvas, or Seesaw, you will most likely want to use Fast Pins or HyperPlay. Learn more by clicking HERE.


What does a Boom Learning Classroom look like?

Here are a few ways to use Boom in the classroom in an interactive way:

  • Assign individual decks as morning work
  • Literacy center activities
  • Math Center activities
  • Early finisher activity
  • Use as an exit ticket or assessment
  • Small group warm-up activity
  • Independent practice in school or at home
  • Virtual learning activity


What Technology Do I Need to Have to Make Boom Work:

  •  iPad
  • Chromebooks
  • Computers
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Laptops
  • Kindle Fire

You will find supportive articles on the Boom Website to help you with technical support.



Kindergarten Boom Decks

First Grade Boom Decks

Additional Boom Decks


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