Common Core Assessment Pack for Kindergarten- Math


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Product Description

Common Core Standards aligned! Get organized with this math assessment pack.

Each assessment is clearly marked so you will know which standard you are testing:
*Numeral recognition assessment
*Numeral formation assessment
*Rote counting (1’s, 5’s, 10’s) assessments

Additional Assessments include:
•Counting with 1-to-1 correspondence assessment
•Counting forward assessment
•Comparing numbers of objects assessment
•Composing and decomposing numbers 11-19 assessment
•Measurement assessment
•Geometry assessment
•Addition and subtraction assessment
•Making 10 assessment

These assessments are teacher tested and help you keep track of your student’s math skills by quarter. Data is organized with these simply tracking forms. Quarterly expectations are also included for some standards.

These have been aligned with the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten. Many of the assessments have been revised so whole group assessing can be done… Time Saver!

Permission is granted to original purchasers to reproduce material as designated only for their own classroom use only. Thank you!

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