Digital Math Activities Bundle

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Digital Math Activities Growing Bundle

January 11 Deedee 1 min read

$165.00 $60.00


Digital Math Activities Bundle

 Digital Math Activities Bundle

Digital Math  Activities for Kindergarten

Digital Math | Addition

Digital Math Addition Activities

This is a  set of student practice lessons that are intended to be teacher-led.  It can be part of your whole group instruction, small group instruction, or used as an intervention.  Here is what you will find in this digital resource:

  • 20 lessons to practice and reinforce addition skills.
    • Each lesson builds on previous lessons.
    • Each lesson has 5 practice slides… that is 100 in all.
    • Each lesson has been preloaded to Seesaw and Google Slides.
    • A teacher card for each lesson so you can guide the lesson!
  • 20 Fluency practice PowerPoints to reinforce addition fluency
    • Each PowerPoint has 20-30 slides that are perfect for a daily warm-up.
    • Each PowerPoint has been turned into a video.
    • Each video has been added to YouTube and you can adjust the playback speed to fit your needs.
  • 5 Generic templates so you can add your own activities if you wish!

Here is a peek inside of the addition digital math unit.

Digital Math | Addition

Digital Math | Addition

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is this available in print?

A:  Yes, Deanna Jump and I created a print version of this file a few years ago. The skills are similar and they complement each other.  However, specific math problems are not exactly the same.  You can see the Math Unit by clicking: Small Group Math Bundle.

Q:  How do I get additional units?

A:  Simple, just log back into your account and redownload the file.



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