Letter Identification Intervention Editable and Programmable Worksheets


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Product Description

Letter Identification Intervention Editable and Programmable Worksheets. How do you provide targeted RTI activities for students who have different needs? You can lose your mind! ENTER editable and programmable letter identification activities that take just a minute for you to create!


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This product allows YOU to select the letters you want to focus on:


Target student instruction to THEIR needs with 3 or 6 letters per page that you program in. You will just type the letters in 6 boxes (ie A, a, T, t, B, b ora,t,b,f,w,r). I have programmed this document to then import these letters onto every page.


Next, you will select one of the themes you want to use for the week and hit print! It will take you less than a minute to have your letter interventions and work prepared!


Students will:

✅Sort the letters

✅Read and circle

✅Read the letters quickly

✅Spin and write the letters

✅Color by letter




EDITABLE FILES: Hi there… in order to enter your own letters you will need to keep these things in mind:

1. Open the file in ADOBE (it will not allow you to edit in any other document reader)

2. Once you download the file, close all of your internet browsers, then open the file. The ADOBE app will not let you edit the file with the correct fonts.

3. Be sure your ADOBE is up to date.


Please let me know if you experience difficulty.