Retell and Write Center for Kindergarten | Growing Bundle


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Product Description

Retell and Write Center for Kindergarten | Growing Bundle 8

Retell and Write Center for Kindergarten – Growing Bundle!

Students practice their sequencing skills with this retelling center activity. This printable center is easy to prep and will help your kindergarten students become confident with putting events in order. By completing the puzzles, students learn to identify and develop the ability to recall and retell the events in stories that they read. Which then, transfers into their writing! Win-Win!

This is a growing bundle. You will simply log into your account to redownload the resource as it updates.

The Retell and Write Center includes 4 puzzles for each month:


  • How to Get Ready for School
  • How to Behave in the Cafeteria
  • How to Wash Your Hands
  • How to Make Apple Pie


  • How to Make Caramel Apples
  • How to Make Pancakes
  • How to Make a Sandwich
  • How to Pack Your Lunch


  • How to Make Spaghetti
  • How to Carve a Pumpkin
  • How to Cross the Street
  • How to Wash Dishes


  • How to Cook a Turkey
  • How to Get Ready for Bed
  • How to Rake Leaves
  • How to Set the Table

Coming Soon:


  • How to Wrap a Gift
  • How to Make Gingerbread
  • How to Decorate a Tree
  • How to Mail a Letter


  • How to Dress for Snowy Weather
  • How to Make Breakfast
  • How to Build a Snowman
  • How to Make Snow Ice Cream


  • How to Floss Your Teeth
  • How to Make Valentines
  • How to Make Hot Cocoa
  • How to Paint a Picture


  • How to Dress for the Rain
  • How to Make Chocolate Milk
  • How to Make a Rootbeer Float
  • How to Clean Your Room


  • How to Plant
  • How to Dye Easter Eggs
  • How to Fly a Kite
  • How to Make a Banana Split


  • How to Make a Sundae
  • How to Have a Picnic
  • How to Make Lemonade
  • How to Wash a Dog


  • How to Camp in Your Backyard
  • How to Catch a Fish
  • How to Build a Sandcastle
  • How to Build a Burger


  • How to Wash a Car
  • How to Make Popcorn
  • How to Make Jelly Toast

NOTE: If you are a member of the CLEVER SCHOOL TEACHER MEMBERSHIP Site, these files will be included in your LOOT for 2021-2022! Each month an additional set of activities will be added to the membership. Do not purchase this file again as it is exactly the same.

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