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Spring Fever Classroom Remedies

April 2 Deedee 2 min read
Are you needing a few spring fever remedies for your classroom?
Warmer weather driving you and your students crazy with Spring Fever? Here's some tried and true Spring Fever Classroom Remedies.
Perhaps you are returning from spring break or are just looking for a few spring fever remedies.  I know this is the time of year when it is easy to have the tail wagging the dog.  In April, my dog still had a way to go, so we might as well all go together… RIGHT?
If the weather permits, head outside!  Your principal won’t give you the stink eye if your couple your spring fever remedies with learning!
Fill the Bucket is a fun way to do math and get the wiggles out!
1.  Divide your class into 4 or 5 groups.
2.  Line them up as if to have a relay race.
3.   Place several buckets with Unifix or snap cubes about 20 yards from the starting line.
4.  Call out or write addition and subtraction equations.  Students race over to solve the equation.  HINT:  Everyone wins!  I don’t like to keep score.  We want everyone to have fun.
5.  You could also do this activity with “Making 10”.   Call a number (ie 7), students race over to make 10.
Get the chalk out!  Sidewalk chalk is the perfect remedy for spring fever.
Play Games!
My students could play more and less all day… everyday!   They loved it.  I loved the subitizing and number sense practice that took place without them even knowing they were learning!
 Since the students have already played BUMP with composing and decomposing the teen numbers…
It is easy to switch out the theme.  Suddenly they are playing “a brand new game.”  We want them to over-learn these skills.  We want them to be rock solid!  So practicing the skills of composing and decomposing teen numbers is a perfect spring fever remedy!
Click HERE to find these Math Stations Games.  You can find EVEN more math games by clicking HERE.
We also love to practice sight words when it is a game!
Because this file is editable (you can type your own sight words), you can differentiate this game.
You can find this Roll, Say, Keep game and many more by clicking HERE.
Teach Until the Last Day!
Students sense when the end is coming near.  So keep the rigor high.  Yes, add some fun activities, but remember to keep teaching.  My toughest behavior days were always the days when I was not as planned.  When my day is jammed-packed with learning fun, my students were right there with me!
I hope you found a few remedies for spring fever in your classroom.

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