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Weekly Recap!

October 12 Deedee 2 min read
Woah!  We had a busy week!
Here is a little recap!
We LOVE our reader’s theater as an early finisher option!  They are from The Teeny Tiny Teacher and in a word… PERFECT!  We are planning on making some props and then performing them for another class… oh yes… we are BIG TIME!
 This lamination fail makes me want to cry… or take a pill… or just look the other way.
Math was great fun!
We worked with partners to compare the number of objects.  
Adding the spinner increased our engagement!
This activity is from Unit 2 of the Guiding Kinders Series.

We studied community helpers this week, so my writing station was a perfect extension.
We are working on the “a” in his name!  This little guy has come a long way and I could not be prouder!

I knew we were going to be working with short vowels on Wednesday, so we did a little pre-work with short vowel sorts.  These cards are from my All Sorts of Sorts unit.

Then we did a little Vowel Surgery!  Thank you Elizabeth Hall!

And rewarded ourselves with a little treat… also from Elizabeth Hall.

On Thursday we shared our reading treasure boxes! Here are just a few!

These will be kept at home and we will keep our student made readers in here.

I gave them their reading key on Thursday also.  You can grab a copy of the reading key and parent letter on my Facebook Fan page.  It is in my “Freebie” file.
(Note:  You can only see this file from your computer, not your tablet or phone)

I will be back tomorrow with my lesson plans for next week!


  • Jess October 12 at 4:05 am

    I love the idea of making a treasure box for all their student made readers. That is such a fabulous idea for Kinder! They really need to be reading books on their level and it can be hard to find those. You're such a great teacher to think of this as a way for them to read at home!

  • Jen R October 12 at 5:58 pm

    love this! I always see so many things I want to start doing my daughter… even though she's only in VPK right now… she's ready for K!

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