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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Meet Deedee

Hi there!  I am Deedee and the author behind Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten.  My goal is to provide kindergarten teachers with valuable resources, lesson plans, and activities to help enhance the effectiveness of their teaching and better their overall classroom environments.


I love to share my years of experience in both teaching and coaching teachers. You can find my kindergarten and first grade products on Teachers Pay Teachers as well as on my blog.  I have also created a bushel of free files you can download here on my blog! 


Welcome!  I am so glad you are here!

I grew up in San Diego and began my teaching career in San Diego City Schools and received my Masters in Education degree. My teaching career allowed me to experience teaching to different age groups and in different classroom environments. My time spent as a second-grade teacher, a kindergarten teacher, and as a district-wide instructional coach has strengthened my passion for helping other teachers develop their personal teaching skills and enhance their own classrooms! My heart belongs to early childhood education and I love working with other teachers who share this same love as me.

If you would like to reach out to me personally, send me an email at 

I love visiting schools and school districts to talk with fellow teachers about how, together, we can help kids learn! If you have any questions about the resources from Mrs.Wills’ Kindergarten, send me an email as well or reply to the specific thread!



Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten is your go-to website for  inspiration and instruction for your classroom. You’ll find everything from helpful tips for classroom management to year-long curriculum. New content (both free and available for purchase) is always being added. Scroll down to read more about available resources.


Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten has loads of helpful curriculum for your classroom! Mrs. Wills specializes in kindergarten curriculum as well as first-grade curriculum. She has created content for kindergarten math, writing, reading, handwriting, and sight words. Whether you need general kindergarten activities,  digital resources, handwriting printables, math resources, activities for kindergarten sight words or other kindergarten curriculum, Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten has the resources to help you and your students thrive!

Kindergarten Science of Reading
Free Lessons and Activities for Kindergartners 
Kindergarten Math Resources 
Kindergarten Sight Words


Mrs. Wills’ Kindergarten provides kindergarten activities and classroom resources for teachers to improve their learning environments! Manage your classroom better and utilize effective lesson plans. Look no further for a trusted resource for lesson plans and lesson plan templates! Each week, Deedee provides a peek at her week so you can see exactly how she organizes her instruction. You can download the free editable lesson plan template each week to make it your own! 

Kindergarten Classroom Management 
Kindergarten Classroom Organization 
Kindergarten Lesson Plans
Themed & Seasonal Classroom Ideas

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