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Academic Scavenger Hunts for Kindergarten and 1st Grade | Digital Growing Bundle

July 21 Deedee 2 min read

$60.00 $38.00


Get your kindergarten and first grade students thinking at a higher level with these academic scavenger hunts. Each scavenger hunt will focus on a grade level appropriate math or language arts skill. Your students will be applying what they are learning as they connect these concepts to real life. Great for use in the classroom or at home as part of distance learning.

This is a Growing Bundle which means that each month a new set will be added. Each monthly set will include 2 kindergarten scavenger hunts and 2 first grade scavenger hunts (but there’s no reason why you can’t use them all as a review or later in the year). To get the most recent version all you have to do is re-download the file from your My Purchases section of your TpT account. As the bundle grows, the price will also grow so grab it now because it will never be this low again! 🙂

Digital Academic Scavenger Hunts for K / 1 for the Entire Year includes:

  • 10 Months of Digital Scavenger Hunt Activities
  • 2 Kindergarten Level Scavenger Hunts added each month
  • 2 First Grade Level Scavenger Hunts added each month
  • Individual PowerPoint files for each activity
  • Ready to Project or Share Online

This Growing Bundle includes:

  1. August Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready to Download)
  2. September Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready to Download)
  3. October Digital Scavenger Hunts  (Ready to Download)
  4. November Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready to Download)
  5. December Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready by 11/5/20)
  6. January Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready by 12/5/20)
  7. February Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready by 1/5/21)
  8. March Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready by 2/5/21)
  9. April Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready by 3/5/21)
  10. May Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready by 4/5/21)
  11. June Digital Scavenger Hunts (Ready by 5/5/21)

NOTE: If you were a member of the CLEVER SCHOOL TEACHER MEMBERSHIP Site, the August file is included in your LOOT! Each month you are a member, you will receive an additional month. Do not purchase this file again as it is exactly the same.

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