All About Me - Back to School Fun - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

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All About Me – Back to School Fun

January 22 Judy E 1 min read


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All about me!

Back to school fun that let’s your learn all about your new students and celebrates new friends.

Want some back to school activities? Start the year off right with these engaging activities!

This unit includes:
All About Me Crown: Students create wearable crown with a spot to write/draw about their family, friends, and school.
All About Me Book: Totally customize this book to fit your classroom needs.
Let’s Graph About Us: Get to know your classroom with these fun graphing activities.
Classroom Quilt: Students write/draw about themselves to create an adorable classroom quilt. Perfect for bringing students together.
Who am I? Family involvement activity, complete with parent letter.
School Rules Book: Create a book to help students learn about their school rules and school-wide community.
Family Tree fun!
Directed drawing activity to get your students to draw with detail. Students will create illustrations of each of their classmates in the “Star of the Day” drawings.
4 independent activities with “I Can” cards for stations.

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