BUMP GAMES Math and Literacy set


Total Pages: 86
File Size: 18 MB


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Product Description

Math and literacy games for the whole year! Non-season themes that can be used as a fun center or station. These also work great as a small group activity.

Each game follows the same format, so you just have to teach it once. Then swap out the skills. Easy to differentiate for your classroom.

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26 games in all with “I can” cards to support student independence.

Skills Included:
✔Capital/lowercase letters
✔Beginning sounds
✔CVC words
✔CVCe words
✔Long vowels
✔Blends (bl, cl, pl, fl, sl)
✔Blends (br, cr, pr, tr, fr)
✔Blends (st, sp, sk, sn, sw)
✔Numbers 1-5
✔Numbers 1-10
✔Composing and decomposing teen numbers
✔2D shapes
✔3D shapes


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