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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Frog and Toad Are Friends Activities, Centers, and Response Pages

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Are you looking for Frog and Toad Are Friends activities? You got it! You will find book response activities, student centers, and games that will last you throughout your Arnold Lobel unit of study! These activities are highly engaging and perfect for small group and center time. Your students will love exploring the world of Frog and Toad while deepening their comprehension skills.


Character Connections for Deeper Understanding

Help your students make meaningful connections with Frog and Toad by using character comparisons and character maps. These response pages will enhance their comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Retelling Adventures with Frog and Toad

Strengthen students’ storytelling abilities with the retell graphic organizer. They will have a blast recounting the adventures of Frog and Toad, reinforcing their understanding of story structure and sequencing.

Making Connections with Frog and Toad

Encourage your students to make personal connections to the stories of Frog and Toad. The “Frog and Toad Making Connections” activity will help them relate the characters’ experiences to their own lives, fostering empathy and a deeper appreciation for literature.

Expressive Letter Writing with Frog and Toad

Develop your students’ writing skills with the “Frog and Toad Letter Writing” activity. They will practice expressing their thoughts and emotions through letter writing, using Frog and Toad as their inspiration.

List-Making Fun with Frog and Toad

Foster organizational skills and creativity with the “Frog and Toad List Making” activity. Your students will have a blast creating lists inspired by Frog and Toad, while developing their writing and critical thinking abilities.

Sorting Words with by Long o or Short o

Engage your students in word work with the “Frog or Toad? Sorting Words” activity. They will practice differentiating between long and short ‘o’ sounds, enhancing their phonics skills while having fun with Frog and Toad.

Explore the Garden CVC and CVCe Game

Take your students on a garden adventure with the “The Garden with Frog and Toad” VCVe board game. They will reinforce their understanding of vowel patterns while enjoying the company of our beloved amphibious friends.

Soar High Sight Word Coloring Page

Let your students soar high with the “Fly a Kite with Frog and Toad” high frequency word coloring page. They will practice reading and recognizing common sight words while unleashing their creativity.

Listen for the Mail Long Vowel Sound Phonemic Awareness Write the Room

Enhance your students’ phonics skills with the “Listen for the Mail” Write the Room activity. They will listen for long vowel sounds as they search for words around the room, reinforcing their ability to identify and differentiate vowel sounds.

Toad-ally Good Blends

Help your students master initial sound blends with the “Toad-ally Good Blends” activity. They will practice writing words with initial blends, improving their phonemic awareness and spelling abilities.

Skip, Hop, and Count with Frog and Toad

Engage your students in skip counting fun with the “Skipping Through the Garden” math center. They will reinforce their understanding of counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s while enjoying the adventures of Frog and Toad.

Picnic Math Fun with Frog and Toad

Add a dash of math excitement with the “Picnic!” game. Your students will practice simple addition (2-12) while enjoying a virtual picnic with Frog and Toad.

Best Cookie EVER – Addition Sorting

Enhance your students’ addition skills with the “Best Cookie EVER” sorting activity. They will practice addition within a specific range, improving their fluency and accuracy while indulging in the delicious world of Frog and Toad.

Lost Button – Pattern Book

Dive into patterns with the “My Lost Button” activity. Your students will explore and create patterns inspired by Frog and Toad, fostering their mathematical thinking and pattern recognition abilities.

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons – Base Ten Fun

Take your students on a numerical adventure with the “Buttons, Buttons, Buttons” activity. They will practice number operations in the range of 11-19, reinforcing their understanding of place value and base ten concepts while having a blast with Frog and Toad.

You can read a blog post about this unit by clicking Frog and Toad Lesson Plans.


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