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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Math Centers, Games, and Activities

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8 kindergarten Valentine’s Day math centers that are perfect for your students. You will find that once your students learn these math centers, you can easily swap them to a new theme and you have a “BRAND NEW GAME!!!” Psst… it is the same type of practice. You will love how independent your students will be during center time with these math activities!


This Valentine themed math center set is so versatile. Even though it says there are 8 math centers it is more than that because of the differentiation options.


Here is what you will find in this set of math centers for Valentine’s Day:

  • Valentine’s Day beginning number concept cards numbers to 20 –These activity cards can be used 5 different ways: sort, compare more and less, memory, play Go Fish, plus an additional game. These cards feature the numbers presented in different ways: Numerals, number words, ten-frames, and tally marks.
  • Cupid’s Arrow – Connect 3 Game with 3 different handwriting practice pages. There is a numbers 1-6 worksheet for numeral recognition, a numbers 1-12 worksheet for addition, and a numbers 3-18 addition worksheet.
  • Sweet Treat Bump Game – simple addition game with dice. Students can practice subitizing.
  • Special Delivery Roll and Color page.
  • For the Love of Numbers Handwriting roll and add activity
  • Valentine Dog – Base 10 math matching activity
  • Valentine Measure It! 10 different Valentine’s Day themed items for your students to measure and record.
  • Valentine’s Day Coin Collector: Students will practice counting by 1, 5’s, 10’s with pennies, nickels, and dimes.


Increase your students’ math vocabulary with the math talk cards that are included.


“I Can…” cards are included to foster student independence.




Math centers are used as a way for students to overlearn various math skills. During math centers, students practice kindergarten math skills that they have already learned. Each math center in this series follows the same format. In this way, students play familiar games each week, but the change in theme keeps the engagement high!


✓ The math center activities are predictable!

✓ Teachers do not need to reteach the math center activity each week!

✓ The change in themes from unit to unit makes it feel like “A brand new game!!!” Even though the math center is essentially the same.

✓ Teachers are able to spend time with their small groups because they don’t need to constantly monitor the student centers. Their kindergarten students already know what to do!




Use it as a math center:

I like to put two students in a math center. This allows each partner many opportunities to practice. PLUS waiting your turn in kindergarten can be a challenge. Because I have 12 math centers going on at one time. I do not worry about students growing tired of the same math center.


Use it as a whole group activity:

These games and centers are fun to play as a whole group. Often times we would have a few minutes of time before lunch or before the buses came. I would simply grab one of these math centers and we would play them under the document camera.

Use these math centers in your small group:

These are great warm-up activities when you are working with your small group! Spend 5 minutes playing one of these games and your kindergartners will be engaged and ready for new learning.

Use these as independent practice:

Some parents request homework that they can have their child do. I prefer to send a fun math center game home. Many are played with just a die, so they are easy for parents. Your kindergartners will love it and it won’t be a “drill” type task.

Use these as an early finisher task.

After the center is used in our math center rotations, I liked to place them in our “dessert bins.” Students can go back and revisit some of their favorite math activities.



“Using your math stations this year has been a real treat all around! The kiddos only need to be taught the first round and have been able to figure out the rest! It keeps math stations fresh, and this teacher happy!”


“Love these math stations! Lots of activities and routines. Change themes and it’s a whole new center!”


“My students love these predictable games. I appreciate that they can be played many ways.”


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