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Math Fluency Games BUNDLE

April 3 Deedee 1 min read

$40.00 $28.00


Math Fluency Game

Addition and subtraction math fluency and numbers to 10.

Easy game to differentiate:
★Students can read numerals, count up to nine, ten frames, and read number words.
★Students can practice addition and subtraction facts 0-5
★Students can practice addition and subtraction facts 6-10

To keep the game exciting, the students will spin a spinner to determine if they move forward or backward. Your students will love practicing their math fluency with this fun game!

This file is editable so you can add your own equations!!!!

I have included an “I Can…” for more student independence.

These are the 10 units are included in this bundle:

  • Math Fluency: Apple Days Editable
  • Math Fluency: Christmas Cookies Editable
  • Math Fluency: Cool School Cats Editable
  • Math Fluency: Halloween Editable
  • Math Fluency: Harvest Time Editable
  • Math Fluency: Insect Fun! Editable
  • Math Fluency: Valentine’s Day Editable
  • Math Fluency: Winter Editable
  • Math Fluency: Spring Editable
  • Math Fluency: Reindeer Games Editable

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