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PHONICS ~ SNAP! Digraphs and Blends (Ending)


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Product Description

Digraphs and Blends Ending Sounds! 

Students will match up picture cards and letters with this fun game. 4 picture words are included for each digraph/blend.

Pick the sounds you want your students to work on or use the game in its entirety. Students will remain alert throughout the game so the will be the first one to say “SNAP”!!!

-ch, -ck, -sh, -th, -ld, -lf, -lt, -ft, -mp, -pt, -nd, -ns, -sk, -sp, -st

An “I Can…” chart is included to foster student independence.

Introduce in your small groups then place it in your literacy or word work station.

PHONICS ~ SNAP! Growing Bundle

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