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PHONICS ~ SNAP! Phonics Game Bundle

January 26 Judy E 1 min read

$27.00 $18.00

Total Pages: 100+
File Size: 30 MB


Phonics Games Galore!

These are the phonics games that are included in this bundle.
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! Digraphs and Blends (Ending) Phonics Game
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! Digraphs and Blends (Initial Sounds) Phonics Game
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! Diphthongs Phonics Game
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! Letter Identification Phonics Game
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! Long Vowels Phonics Game
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! R Controlled Vowels Phonics Game
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! Short Vowels Phonics Game
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! Short and Long Vowels Phonics Game
• PHONICS ~ SNAP! Initial Sounds Phonics Game

Pick the sounds you want your students to work on or use the game in its entirety. Students will remain alert throughout the game so the will be the first one to say “SNAP”!!!

An “I Can…” chart is included to foster student independence.

Introduce in your small groups then place it in your literacy or word work station.


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