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Phonics fun in a stamping center! Students love using the stamps to create words. This has always been one of my class favorite activities.

These are the phonic skills that will be covered with these print and go worksheets. This makes a great literacy station or word work center for kindergarten and first grade students. You will love the NO PREP ease of these activities.

❤️ I can cards are included to help with student independence.

Here are the units that are included in this unit!
• Phonics STAMPING Center ~ Beginning Sounds!
• Phonics STAMPING Center ~ Blends!
• Phonics STAMPING Center ~ CVC Short Sounds!
• Phonics STAMPING Center ~ Digraphs!
• Phonics STAMPING Center ~ Long Vowels and Vowel Teams
• Phonics STAMPING Center ~ Ending Sounds!

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