Poetry 2: Poems for May


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Product Description

Daily shared reading poems for May- common core aligned. Sea Mammals, School’s Out!, Camping Out, and Kindness Song themed poems for your classroom!

These are the shared reading poems that are included in this resource:
•Sea Mammals: Sea Mammal themed poem
•School’s Out!: School’s out themed poem
•Camping Out: Camping poem
•Kindness Song: Kindness Song themed poem

Each shared reading poem includes the following:
→Common core standards aligned chart.
→5 day fluency plan so you can keep these poetry activities going all week
→An emergent reader for each poem
→A student copy for their poetry notebook
→An “I Can” chart so students can work independently at the poetry center

Word work activities and printables:
★ br blends
★ long o, e. a vowels
★ ar/ir sort
★ ar/or/ur sort
★ contractions
★ sentence building x 4
★ parts of speech
★ short i/ir sort
★ syllables
★ phoneme manipulation x 2

Once the weekly poem has been used, add the poem to your poetry center. Your kindergarten and first grade students will love visiting the poems again and again!

NOTE: These poems are part this money saving shared reading poetry bundle:

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Q: Why are there two sets of shared reading poems?

A: I had many requests from school districts wishing to use my shared reading poems in both kindergarten and first grade. So I sat down and created a second set of poems.

Q: What is the difference between the First Edition of shared reading poems and the Second Edition of shared reading poems?

A: To start with, the poems are different.

Set 1 was written with kindergarten in mind although numerous first grade classrooms enjoy the first edition. The word work activities that are in set 1 are kindergarten skills.

Set 2 was written with both first grade and kindergarten in mind. In Set 2 there are 2 sets of word work options. One set has kindergarten skills and the other has first grade skills.

Q: Are these shared reading poems set to a tune!

A: YES! Brain research tells us that singing activates other areas of the brain, so virtually every shared reading poem is set to a tune. This increases fluency! (psst… and it is fun!)

Q: Do you have a recorded version of the songs?

A: I am thrilled to tell you that we have recorded MP3 and MP4 music files to go along with these poems. These music files are wonderful for your students to sing-a-long with. They also make a fantastic fluency center They are available with this additional purchase:

Q: Do you have an interactive notebook version?

A: If your class uses interactive notebooks, this interactive journal resource is also available for an additional purchase:

Q: Is there a place where I can buy the print files, the recorded files, and the interactive notebook all together?

A: Yes, you can find the MEGA BUNDLE by clicking:

Read how I implement this poetry resource as part of a 5 day fluency plan AND grab a free sample: