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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Riddle of the Day | October

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Riddle of the Day is a fantastic activity that reinforces reading skills such as inferring and looking for text evidence… AND … it is FUN!

This pack contains:

  • 20 Original Riddles of the Day with the answers
  • PDF and Image files
  • You can use the image files to embed in your interactive whiteboard
  • Full color and black/white images are included

How to use this unit:

Many years ago, I incorporated the Riddle of the Day into my daily routine. This is what it looked like back then:

  1. Each morning, when my students walked in, I would have a riddle written out and waiting for them on chart paper.
  2. As my students trickled in, I read the riddle to them.
  3. Students would then take a scrape of paper (small 2” x 2” paper from the recycle bin) and draw a picture for what they thought the answer was.
  4. Students would fold up their answers and place them in a plastic bag, but you can use a cup.
  5. After our pledge, I would read the riddle again and I would begin to tally mark the guesses.
  6. We would then count the tally marks and write the numerals. You can have a quick discussion about more/less, how many more crayons than chalk… You can even graph your data.
  7. Next, we would start to read the riddle again while digging into the clues.
  8. As we read each line, we think If that was a good clue and if we should cross out any guesses.
  9. Usually, we are left with a few possible answers. We look at the initial sounds to determine which was the correct one.
  10. We also return to the poem and underline the words that helped us the most.
  11. Over time, students will begin to pay attention to the text clues…plus it is fun!

TIP: You can also go back to this riddle and look for certain letters, words, rhyming words, 2 syllable words… the possibilities are endless. It would make a fun center activity too!

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