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Science of Reading Based Sight Word Instruction | Second Grade Bundle



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Science of Reading Based Sight Word instruction that makes sense!
Why are we teaching sight words in isolation?  Wouldn’t it make sense to teach these sight words in conjunction with your phonics instruction? Planning it out may feel overwhelming, but I planned out a sight word scope and sequence for first grade!
Science of Reading Based Second Grade Whole Group instruction
First of all, these controlled texts are loaded to Seesaw!  WOOT!  All you have to do is click a link in Seesaw and the text is loaded into your Seesaw library! 
Here is what you will find in this sight word unit:
  • Detailed daily scripted lessons to make your planning a breeze.
  • Students will practice daily encoding and decoding.
  • Dictation of letters, sounds, and words to teach towards mastery!
  • Aligned with Orton-Gillingham best practices
  • Multi-sensory lessons!
  • Sight word books for each week in a printable PDF and Google Classroom ready PowerPoint file! (34 for second grade)
  • Daily Review Powerpoint (editable) set of slides that will review previously taught sounds, blending, and sight words. (180 second grade slides)
  • Charts for your sound wall are included, plus helpful charts to guide you through the marking of words, sentences, and syllables.
  • Scope and sequence for the whole year.
  • Sound Wall Cards (editable)
  • Flashcards for second grade (editable)
Want to read up on the science of reading lesson plans? You can find a detailed science of reading blog post:
Here are the high-frequency words that are included:
a, able, about, about above, across, after, again, all, all, almost, also, always, am, an, and, another, another, answer, any, anything, are, around, as, ask, at, ate, away, back, ball, be, because, because, become, before, before, before, began, begin, begun, being, best, better, better,between, big, black, blue, both, bought, boy, break, bring, brought, busy, but, by, call, call, called, called, came, can, catch, caught, central, choice, clean, coat, cold, color, come, complete, could, cut, dad,dark, day, dear, deep, did, different, do, do, does, does, done, down, drraw, drink, during, each, each, easy, eat, enjoy, even, ever, every, face, fall, far, fault, few, find, first, five, flaw fly, follow, for, forgive, forgot, form, found, from,from, from, front, full, funny, gave, get, girl, give, go, go, goes, goes, going, gone, good, got, green, grow, grow, had, happy, hand, hard, has,have, he, he, head, heard, held, help, her, here, high, him, his,hold, home, hot, house, how, hurt, I, if, important, in, inside, into, into, is, it, its,itself, joy, just, keep, kind, , knew, knew, knock, know, known, large, land, late, laugh, least, leave, let, letter, light, like, line, list, little, live, long, make, main, man, may, me, me, might, mom, more, morning, most, mother, much, must, my,myself, name, near, need, never, new, next, night, no, no, north, not, now, number, of,of, off, old, on, on, once, one, one, only, only, open,open, or, order, ordered, other, our, out, outside, over, own, page, page, pair, part, people, pick, place, play,please, point pretty, pull, pulled, push, put, quite, ran, read, real, red, ride, right, river, round, run, said, same, saw, saw say, school, second, see, seem, seen, sent, settle, shall, she, she, should, show, simple, since, sit, six, sleep, slow, small, small, so,so, some, something, something, soon, sound, south, stand, start, story, straight, strong, study, such, sure, talk, taught, taunt, tell, ten, the, than, thank, that, their, them, there, these, they, things, think, third, this, thorough, those,though, thought, three, to, to, to, today, today, together, together, told, too, took, tough, toward, town, travel, trough, turn, try, under, undo, undo, up, upon, us, use, very, very, walk, want, warm, was, wash, watch, water, way, we, we, well, went, were, what, where, which, while, white, who, why, will, wish, with, without, word, work, works, world, would, write, year, years, yellow, yes, you, your

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