Science of Reading Board Games | Growing Bundle


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Product Description

Science of Reading Board Games! These non-seasonal board games can be used throughout the entire year!

Your students will love playing this game during literacy centers! Teach it once and exchange the game with a new theme every month!

This game will follow a predictable format. Words will be repeated each with each game (for example the CVC set of words will have 220= CVC words). You can select the words you wish to use based on your instructional needs.

  • August – Letters & CVC Train Board Game Available Now
  • September – Letters & CVC Class Pet Board Game Available Now
  • October – Beg Sounds & Digraphs Race Track Board Game Available Now
  • November – Beg Sounds & Digraphs Travel Adventures Board Game Available Now
  • December – Beg Sounds & Blends Fun on the Farm Board Game Available Now
  • January – Beg Sounds & Blends Buried Treasure Board Game Available Available Now
  • February – CVC & CVCe Board Circus Game Available Now
  • March – CVC & CVCe Board Game Available 2/1/22
  • April – CVC, CVCC, CCVC, & CVCe Board Game Available3/1/22
  • May – CVC, CVCC, CCVC, & CVCe Board Game Available4/1/22
  • June – CVC, CVCC, CCVC, & Simple Vowel Teams Board Game Available 5/1/22
  • July – CVC, CVCC, CCVC,& Simple Vowel Teams Board Game Available 6/1/22

This is a GROWING bundle. A new Science of Reading board game will be added each month! You will simply log into your account to re-download the resource as it updates.

NOTE: If you are a member of the CLEVER SCHOOL TEACHER MEMBERSHIP Site, these files will be included in your LOOT for 2021-2022! Each month an additional set of activities will be added to the membership. Do not purchase this file again as it is exactly the same.