Science of Reading Board Games | Growing Bundle


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Product Description

Science of Reading Board Games! These non-thematic board games can be used throughout the entire year!

Your students will love playing this game during literacy centers! Teach it once and exchange the game with a new theme every month!

The game cards will include all uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as, over 220 CVC word cards! Divide them up by middle sound or use them all together!

CVCC and CVCe words will be added to the bundle beginning in January.

This is a GROWING bundle. A new Science of Reading board game will be added each month! You will simply log into your account to re-download the resource as it updates.

NOTE: If you are a member of the CLEVER SCHOOL TEACHER MEMBERSHIP Site, these files will be included in your LOOT for 2021-2022! Each month an additional set of activities will be added to the membership. Do not purchase this file again as it is exactly the same.