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SEESAW & Google Classroom Digital Letter Practice


Product Description

Digital alphabet practice for student centers, interventions, homework, or distance learning, is here!

These have all been PRELOADED to SEESAW and Google Classroom!

Every letter of the alphabet has its own set of 20 slides that provide interactive practice.

Letter practice for letters and sounds.  Each letter has 20 slides where students can practice letter identification, beginning sounds, and letter patterns.

Each set of slides focuses on practicing ONE letter at a time.

  • Students identify the capital and lowercase letters
  • Students practice tracing and writing the letter
  • Students build the letter with various digital manipulatives
  • Students sort pictures based on the beginning sound (starts with ___ or does not start with ____)
  • Students use a digital magnifying glass to search for the hidden letters.
  • If students are using Seesaw, they will record themselves reading sentences featuring the target letter.
  • Students will write the missing letter.
  • Students will create a pattern with the letters
  • Students will sort capital and lower case letters
  • The final page is an additional sound sort.

These activities have been preloaded to Seesaw and Google Classroom, but I have also included a PowerPoint file should you need it.

Did you know you could assign Seesaw activities via Google Classroom?  

Seesaw is an amazingly simple interactive platform that is perfect for early childhood educations.  Students can easily record their voice, draw pictures, make a movie, take a photo and more!


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