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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Dollar Deal Kindergarten Baseball Sight Word Worksheets

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Kindergarten sight word worksheets for young learners to get some extra practice with high frequency words.

This baseball themed set of sight word activities is perfect for kindergarten students. Each printable sight word worksheet includes common kindergarten sight words. These practically free worksheets are fun and engaging and are great as morning work or extra sight word practice throughout the day. Each set of dollar deal worksheets just need to be simply printed out, and your kindergarten students are ready to learn!

Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets

Here is what you will find in this set of printable kindergarten sight word worksheets:

  • Word Search Learning Fun: This printable worksheet includes a word bank for students to use while searching for these words: ask, the, saw, go, put, it, play, he, that.
  • Sight Word Sentence Writing: Students write a sentence using these common sight words: day, why, if, was, no, they
  • Color by Sight Word: Students color a baseball themed picture with the words: of, as, see, all, you, find
  • Bingo Sight Words Game: Students color the sight words on their bingo printable and find out if they got five in a row! (too, want, she, I, eat, like, saw, me, went, use)
  • Sight Word Sequential Order: Students cut and glue the sight words in alphabetical order.
  • Missing Letter: Students cut and glue the missing letter in these basic words: when, just, want, now, only, look, have, put
  • Sight Word Unscramble: Students unscramble and write these kindergarten words: and, his, at, but, back, from, each, than, did
  • Color the Baseballs: Students use the key to color the sight words: there, must, by, how
  • Color By Sight Word 2: Another fun way to practice sight words! Students color the picture by using the code to color each sight word: for, her, get, to, you,out
  • Rainbow Writing: Students read and write the different words, making each letter a different color.

These printable activities are on the kindergarten level and work well for young children. However, you will find these printables provide helpful practice regardless of the child’s age.

Who Loves These Worksheets?

  • Kindergarten teachers because of their no prep design.
  • Homeschool parents because of low ink requirements and engaging activities
  • Kindergarten students! These early learners will love them because they are lots of fun!

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