Not Your Mother's Sight Words

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Not Your Mother’s Sight Words (and Decodable Readers)

May 24 Deedee 1 min read

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Sight word instruction that makes sense!

Why are we teaching sight words in isolation?  Wouldn’t it make sense to teach these sight words in conjunction with your phonics instruction? Planning it out may feel overwhelming, but I planned out a sight word scope and sequence for kindergarten and first grade!

Kindergarten and First Grade Sight Words

First of all, these sight words are loaded to Seesaw!  WOOT!  All you have to do it click a link in Seesaw and the sight word activity is loaded into your Seesaw library!  You will also receive the sight word books in a printable sight word book PDF and Google Classroom ready PowerPoint file!

Each day, I have included a Powerpoint set of slides that will review previously taught sounds, blending, and sight words.

NOTE: The phonics scope and sequence aligns with our Engaging Readers Phonics Units.

Both kindergarten sight words and first grade sight words are in the same file.  This will give you the ability to differentiate your instruction with ease!

Charts for your sound wall are included, plus helpful charts to guide you through the marking of words, sentences, and syllables.

Daily routines are outlined so you will be supported each step of the way.

Kindergarten sight wordsand first grade sight words


  • Kindergarten: Weeks 1 -34 have been added
  • First Grade: Weeks 1-34 have been added
  • Sound Wall Cards (editable)
  • Flashcards for kindergarten (editable)
  • Flashcards for first grade (editable)
  • Assessments by Aug 30
  • Weeks 30-34 to be added by August 30


  • Julene Hoffman July 2 at 7:09 pm

    I must have missed this in the webinar…
    I notice that some of the books don’t have any “picture clues” – why is that?

    • Deedee July 22 at 9:00 pm

      YES! We want them to work on their decoding skills for these books. We want to see that students are able to isolate and blend sounds… that is why they are decodable books. Naturally, we also have guided reading books that offer teacher support that we use in instruction as well. I hope that helps.

  • Becky Gregory August 8 at 8:55 pm

    I would like to purchase this bundle but need to do it through a purchase order from my school. Is there anyway to hold the sale price while the p.o. processes? Thank you!

    • Deedee August 10 at 10:23 am

      Hi there! Yes, I can hold the price until Sept 1st. 🙂

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