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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Touch, Read, & Write Phonics Activity Cards


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Touch, Read, & Write Phonics Activity Cards for CVC words, CVCe words, Blends, & Digraphs!
Improve beginning reading by guiding students through the process of blending sounds
These sound boxes / Elkonin boxes were created to help students with the following skills:
  • Build phonological awareness by blending sounds into words
  • Missing sounds in the initial, medial, and ending position
  • Decoding and encoding of sounds
This is a predictable center activity that works great as an intervention or literacy center idea:
  • Over 650 word cards are included that allow for differentiation.
  • CVC Words
  • CVCE Words
  • Words with Blends
  • Words With Digraphs
This word study activity also includes “I Can” visual direction cards and an exit ticket if desired.

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