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Word Explorer Word Study for Kindergarten and 1st grade

January 8 Judy E 1 min read


Total Pages: 33
File Size: 4 MB


Word work that is fun? Absolutely! My students LOVE word study!!!

56 high-frequency words
45 word families
30 cheers for your word wall in two versions
Letter cards, lists, and “I Can…” charts for independent practice.

This is a word study unit for emergent readers and writers. Through these lessons students practice reading, writing, and spelling words in a multitude of ways. These lessons are teacher friendly and grounded in the research. They can be used alone or as a way to supplement district adopted plans.

This is a great intervention for teachers looking for a way to help their struggling 1st and 2nd graders.

Additionally, they are FUN and QUICK!! Each lesson can be taught in 15 minutes or less. Minimal teacher prep is required.

This one purchase will last you the entire year.

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