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Write the Room Literacy and Math First Grade Centers – Winter – January

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Write the Room math and literacy activities are a great way to get your students up and moving during center time. These first grade centers will keep students engaged while practicing math and ELA skills.


These first grade math centers and first grade literacy enters are seasonal and have fun, themed activities for Winter and snow.


Pull out your clipboards for students to use while walking around the room. First grade students will love these write the room centers!




Literacy Write the Room Center Activities for First Grade

  • Snowball Sight Words – This is an editable sight word activity. Add your own sight words! There are 2 response sheets for easy differentiation! Students will write the sight words or trace the sight words that are found around the classroom.
  • January Word Families– Students will say the word family word on the card and then highlight all the words in the sentence that belong to the same word family.
  • January Diphthongs – Students will say the word and highlight the missing diphthong, then write the whole word.
  • January Punctuation- Students will read the sentence and highlight or color in the punctuation that belongs.
  • MLK, Jr. Sentences – Students will read the sentence and rewrite it with the correct punctuation and capitalization.


Math Write the Room Center Activities for First Grade

  • Sledding Through Numbers to 120– Students look at the card and fill in the missing numbers on the response sheet.
  • Winter Number Bonds- Students will solve the number bonds and write an equation to match.
  • Snowball Coins – Students will count the value of coins and write the amount on the response sheet.
  • Snowball +2 Counting On- Students will read the number on the card and continue counting on by 2s. Students will write the numbers on the response sheet.
  • Snowy Measurements – Students will read the card and use cubes to measure the items listed. Students will write the name of the object and the number of cubes needed to measure it on the response sheet.




These write the room activities are purposefully predictable so you don’t need to teach new activities each month. In this way, students can work independently at their center and you can work with a group without interruptions.


Each center activity comes with a response sheet for students to complete. Students walk around the classroom, finding the cards that you placed throughout. This center activity is a fun way to practice those math skills and literacy skills!



Every month, there is an editable sight word center! Simply add the sight words you are working on with your first grade students, print the cards, and hang them throughout your classroom. There are 2 versions of the response sheet so you can easily differentiate for your first grade students.


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Write the Room Math and Literacy Centers Bundle for First Grade


Included in each month of first grade centers: 

  • Minimum 4 first grade math write the room centers
  • Minimum 4 first grade literacy write the room centers
  • Recording sheets for the activities
  • “I Can” cards to help build student independence



What teachers are saying…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I already had three or four different bundles of write the room from other sellers, but I wasn’t loving them. I decided to give your’s a go and I LOVE IT! So easy to prep, love that I can edit the sight word one, love that it’s not just kids writing the words. They have to put a little work into completing the station correctly. Love everything about this!!” – Alisa R.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My students LOVE using this writing the room resource. It engages ALL learners and even my students with special needs are having a good time hunting for letters and CVC words. It can be adapted to all learning modalities. HIGHLY Recommend!!” – Teresa L.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My students LOVE write the room activities! These have been such an awesome addition to our daily centers. I love that the recording sheets are levelized. I can challenge my higher students, and offer support to my struggling students using the same activity. “ – Jessica L.


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