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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

summer free webinars


As you know, writing is a big chunk of literacy instruction. Ditch the worksheets and drive student engagement and mastery through the roof!

Join me for a Free 4 part webinar series that is all about writing instruction in K-2 classrooms!

Here is what we will discuss:
🌟August 17: Overview of Research of Writing and the Brain


🌟August 24: Fluency Instruction for Handwriting and Spelling

🌟August 31: Composing Texts and Responding to Literature

🌟September 7: I Intervention Tips with Live Follow Up Q & A Session


If you can’t attend them live, be sure to sign up so you can get the replay link!


Webinars 18
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Our understanding of science is constantly emerging! Thank goodness or we would still believe the world was flat! Right? 

Over the last 12 months, I have been continuing to explore this fascinating body of knowledge known as The Science of Reading!

I can’t wait to share what I have learned with you all.

During this webinar we will explore:

  • Research behind the Science of Reading
  • Some new things I have learned since 2022
  • How to provide  explicit instruction that cements letters and sounds
Webinars 19
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Let’s look at routines you can add to your day to strengthen your phonics and phonemic awareness instruction.  I will share ideas to help you support the diverse learners in your classroom so they can also build mastery.

During this webinar we will explore:

  • How to start the year off strong 💪
  • Intervention ideas for students who need more support
  • How to provide explicit instruction that cements letters and sounds
Webinars 20
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What does a perfect literacy block look like?  

I know!  Planning is a LOT of work!  How will you fit it all in?

I’ve got you!  You won’t believe how simple the solution is.  You will go from loathing to loving when I share what I have learned over the years!

We will talk about how to fit in reading lessons that include:

  • Phonics
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Dictation
  • Small Group
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary

We will talk about how to fit in writing lessons that include:

  • Handwriting
  • Sentence Writing
  • Creative Writing

Yep!  We will talk about all of the above!

During this webinar we explored:

  • Easy lesson planning templates that are DONE FOR YOU!  WOOT!

The educator summit - Summer 2023

You will have time to catch The Educator Summit Virtual Conference.

The Educator Summit is a three-day virtual conference with over 30 sessions presented by nationally recognized educational leaders including Ron Clark, Dave Burgess and Katie Garner as keynote speakers!

As an attendee of The Educator Summit, you will receive:
∙ Over 30 hours of on-demand professional development sessions
∙ The ability to watch and replay all the sessions until September 30, 2023
∙ Certificate of attendance (please check with your district for their requirements)
∙ Exclusive VIP free products that have been created specifically for this event

Check out all the event information and keynote speakers by going to:

The Educator Summit has all new sessions for Summer 2023!

Webinars 21


Webinars 22

Writing Camp

Professional Development Virtual Ticket

You Will Learn:
  • Planning and organizing your writing lessons
  • Explore various modes of writing instruction
  • Build a foundation for student writing
  • Dive deep into engagement
  • Demystify the writing and conferring process
  • More Webinars Below

    Webinars 23

    Meet Your Host

    Hi I’m DeeDee Wills. My years of experience teaching in elementary school environments and assisting teachers has allowed me to build the resources you need to help you better our classroom environment.

    I’ve been right where you are today, and I want to help you identify the best mentor texts to use in your writing instruction so you can establish a management plan that works.

    I have worked with thousands of teachers, and I can’t wait to share what WORKS in my next FREE webinar.

    There was a time when teaching writing was a struggle for me. I knew it was essential to my classroom’s success, but I was simply overwhelmed. It was time to hit the books and get back to basics, so that’s just what I did.

    After testing it out in my own classroom, I was able to tackle some of my biggest challenges, and along the way, I documented everything that worked.

    Using my knowledge of writing instruction and my experience in the classroom, I have helped teachers turn writer’s workshop into their favorite time of day. I’d love to do the same for you, and that’s why I’m hosting this webinar.

    Science of Reading 5 Part Webinar Replay Series

    Cooking Up a Better Batch of Readers
    Essential Science of Reading Ingredients to Bring the Into Your Classroom

    Have you ever tried to bake something new but were not sure which ingredients to include? Perhaps, you had heard someone talking about the ingredients you would need, but were not confident on how to put them all together. How many eggs? Do I need to sift the flour first? What temperature should I set the oven on? You can spend a lot of time on trial and error. You can get frustrated and want to give up. But guess what? You don’t have to bake this cake by yourself. I’m going to show you what you need to know!

    Now… this is a BIG CAKE! So I will do this webinar as a series. Each session will be LIVE so you can ask questions. Also each session will have 5 quick wins so you will walk away each week with 5 things you can do for success!

    Here is what you will learn –

    Let’s Prep!

    • Research behind the Science of Reading.
    • Let’s observe where we were and where we are going
    • I will provide an umbrella view of the 5 essential routines you’ll want to include in your instruction. Each one of these routines will be discussed at greater length and detail in the subsequent webinar sessions

    A Dash of Phonemic Awareness

    • What is phonemic awareness and what it is not
    • Phonemic awareness is the secret sauce found in the Science of Reading
    • Get 5 actionable suggestions for your classroom instruction

    A Heaping Amount of Phonics

    • What should phonics instruction look like
    • How to teach your high-frequency words WITH your phonics instruction.
    • Get 5 actionable suggestions for your classroom instruction

    Folding in Small Group Instruction

    • What is the difference between leveled texts and decodable readers?
    • Examine a lesson plan format for decodable readers
    • Get 5 actionable suggestions for your classroom instruction (even if you are required to use leveled readers in your classroom

    Baking Comprehension into your Day

    • Where does reading comprehension fit into a kindergarten and first grade classroom?
    • How to embed vocabulary instruction so it is not something “extra”?
    • Get 5 actionable steps for your classroom

    Webinar FAQs:

    You can find all of the webinar FAQs by clicking:


    Webinars on demand

    You can watch a replay of a previously held webinar. 

    Remember, if you would like a certificate of attendance you will find those inside of the webinar.  Just sure to download the handouts.

    Also, school emails are notoriously problematic due to their firewall settings.  If you have another email you can use, you may find it easier to connect.

    What is a sound wall?

    • What is the difference between a sound wall and a word wall?
    • How do I introduce new words and place them on the sound wall?
    • What on earth is a vowel valley?


    Yep, I answer these questions in this free webinar!

    Word Wall, Sound Walls, Sound Valleys... oh MY!

    How to use a sound wall with your science of reading lesson plans

    How do you introduce centers in kindergarten? 

    • Which centers work best for student independence? 
    • How long do students stay at a center?
    • How many students do you have at a center at one time?


    If you have questions, I have a few answers for you! Check this free webinar out!

    Mastering Centers

    Like a Boss

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