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Hello there!

Hi I’m DeeDee Wills. My years of experience teaching in elementary school environments and assisting teachers has allowed me to build the resources you need to help you better our classroom environment.

I have worked with thousands of teachers, and I can’t wait to share what WORKS!

Join me for webinars, live conferences, or bring me to your school!

upcoming conferences! Save the Date!

I love connecting with teachers at conferences.  Here are a few of the public conferences I have coming up!  I hope to see you soon!

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Webinars on demand

You can watch a replay of a previously held webinar. 

Remember, if you would like a certificate of attendance you will find those inside of the webinar.  Just sure to download the handouts.

Also, school emails are notoriously problematic due to their firewall settings.  If you have another email you can use, you may find it easier to connect.

What is a sound wall?

  • What is the difference between a sound wall and a word wall?
  • How do I introduce new words and place them on the sound wall?
  • What on earth is a vowel valley?


Yep, I answer these questions in this free webinar!

Word Wall, Sound Walls, Sound Valleys... oh MY!

How to use a sound wall with your science of reading lesson plans

How do you introduce centers in kindergarten? 

  • Which centers work best for student independence? 
  • How long do students stay at a center?
  • How many students do you have at a center at one time?


If you have questions, I have a few answers for you! Check this free webinar out!

Mastering Centers

Like a Boss

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