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Writing Camp

Professional Development Virtual Ticket

You Will Learn:
  • Planning and organizing your writing lessons
  • Explore various modes of writing instruction
  • Build a foundation for student writing
  • Dive deep into engagement
  • Demystify the writing and conferring process
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    Meet Your Host

    Hi I’m DeeDee Wills. My years of experience teaching in elementary school environments and assisting teachers has allowed me to build the resources you need to help you better our classroom environment.

    I’ve been right where you are today, and I want to help you identify the best mentor texts to use in your writing instruction so you can establish a management plan that works.

    I have worked with thousands of teachers, and I can’t wait to share what WORKS in my next FREE webinar.

    There was a time when teaching writing was a struggle for me. I knew it was essential to my classroom’s success, but I was simply overwhelmed. It was time to hit the books and get back to basics, so that’s just what I did.

    After testing it out in my own classroom, I was able to tackle some of my biggest challenges, and along the way, I documented everything that worked.

    Using my knowledge of writing instruction and my experience in the classroom, I have helped teachers turn writer’s workshop into their favorite time of day. I’d love to do the same for you, and that’s why I’m hosting this webinar.

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    Catch the replay!   During this webinar, I shared research and ideas on how to teach reading comprehension in a science of reading classroom.


    Webinars on demand

    You can watch a replay of a previously held webinar.   Remember, if you would like a certificate of attendance you will find those inside of the webinar.  Just sure to download the handouts.

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    Managing a Virtual Classroom Without Insanity

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    My Digital Day

    Managing A Virtual Classroom Without Insanity

    Mastering Centers

    Like a Boss

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    Sight Word Secrets

    Not Your Mother's Sight Words