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Comparing Numbers Throughout the Day

June 11

Comparing numbers in whole group math, small group math, math journals, and math stations…feeling overwhelmed?  Hopefully, this post will help you see how I fit it all in.  You can view a daily schedule HERE. Let’s start with the different…

Building Math Fluency with Games (Free File)

April 17

I love playing games so creating math fluency games was a no-brainer for my classroom. So what is math fluency? I used to think math fluency was memorization.  Insert mental image of endless flashcards with drill and kill type activities.  …

Use Wooden Blocks to Teach Number Sense!

April 4

Use wooden blocks to build number sense!   Looking for a way to incorporate open-ended and fun activities while also building your students’ number sense? Solution found!    I want to introduce you to SumBlox!  I had actually heard about…

Secrets to Instant Planning… Just PRINT and TEACH

February 23

Lesson Planning Secrets Made Easy! Writers Workshop, Math Workshop, Guided Reading, and Reading Comprehensions Lessons for Kindergarten and First Grade. Just Print and TEACH! Here are a few things we know about teachers. They want the absolute BEST for their students….

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