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10 Wordless Books to Teach Story Telling

May 30

I love using wordless books to teach storytelling.  These 10 wordless books that are my favorite.  Before students can be asked to write a story, they must first be able to tell a story. The Why! Has this happened to…

Writers Workshop… I love kid writing!

April 15

  Shamelessly, I have carried these student samples around for MONTHS!   I audibly gasped when I saw this date… (um…3 months in my bag?  How does that happen?)   Forgive me my sweet kinder friend! All About Polar Bears…

Writers Workshop: How is it going? (FREE download)

February 10

I haven’t written about writing in awhile… where does the time go? Writer’s workshop is alive and well in my classroom.  We have been busy writing “How-to’s” and “All About Books” over the last few months.  Here’s a glimpse of…

How-To Writing in Kindergarten

December 12

I have written this post 10 times (in my head).   I have carried these writing samples around for weeks in my bag.  I have been without a scanner (so that is my excuse for not posting these earlier).  Better…

Writing-Making the last few months count! {Freebie}

April 11

Kindergarten Writing Goals Chart. Grab this free Writers workshop goal chart and see student examples from my kindergarten classroom. Is this you?  You start off the first part of the year, letting your students “explore” skills, but as the summer…

Kindergarten Writing Sample from the Fall

November 24

Kindergarten Writing Sample with Fall modeled writing lesson ideas?   Kindergarten Writing Sample:  Start with modeling! The last week or two, I have really focused on my modeled writing.   Boy!  Did I have a story to tell! First of all……

Writer’s Workshop: Making Progress!

November 8

I have been thinking a lot about looking back in order to see where you are.   Meaning… sometimes you don’t realize the leaps and bounds a student makes until you glance back. I have heard it said [not sure…

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