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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Classroom Management, Behavior Traits, and Student Rewards


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Do you know how you will master classroom management? How will you teach those behaviors you wish to see in your students? How will you keep your classroom community happy and engaged? I have a solution for you!


This unit will help provide student choice while rewarding and encouraging positive student behaviors. You will be looking for those behaviors you would like repeated by all of your students and providing immediate feedback that is tangible and concrete for your students.


Teach each of the character traits through a variety of recommended read-aloud books. Students will also participate in making a plan to practice those positive behaviors.


Students will collect tokens and work towards rewards that they have chosen! Because there are rotation options, students will not grow tired of the options!


There are 5 different positive notes to choose from. We have even included an option for students who need more support! I have recently added a parent letter as well.

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