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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Intervention Activities and Games for Reading, Math, Phonics Skills Editable


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Do you need an intervention activity that is FUN! A game that your students will want to play again and again? You can edit this intervention game to focus on letters, sounds, sight words, phonics skills, numbers, math… really anything you can type in a box. EASY… LOW PREP! ENGAGING! YES!
Yes! You control the letters, numbers, words, or math equations you want them to practice for fluency.
There are 10 monthly or seasonal themes to keep the game fresh!
You MUST open this file with the latest version of Adobe. Mac users: Please do not use Preview as you will be unable to edit the fields.
  • Students can use this as a center activity. They can roll and record themselves practicing for fluency.
  • Students can practice fluency with a partner.
  • Use this as a small group warm-up.
  • Send the black and white versions home so students can practice fluency in a fun way.
  • Use this as part of your classroom buddy activities.
“This is my FAVORITE item I’ve purchased from you. I love the templates, how it is editable, and just how user-friendly it is. Win-win. The kids love these games and I love that the game board has exactly what each student needs!”
“I am going to have my high school aide use this to work with students. I love how editable it is and I can even change it from year to year depending on what my students need.”
“I am so excited to use this amazing product. I can use it for everything! You name it and I can use it. Thank you for creating another wonderful product to add to my Deedee collection:)”


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