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Kindergarten Math Centers and Literacy Centers – Winter December

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Kindergarten centers to keep your students engaged and learning during center time while you’re instructing your small groups in math and ELA. These literacy centers and math centers are perfect for anytime throughout the year. 


This bundle of fun Christmas and Winter Center rotations provide kindergarten students with an opportunity to practice math skills and literacy skills with independent work.


There are 2 versions of each center activity. The center cards can be printed with color ink or there is a black ink-only option, as well. There are a variety of activities to meet the needs of your students throughout the school year.


With plenty of opportunities for practicing each skill, your students will dive into these kindergarten math centers and kindergarten literacy centers each day.

Save money by purchasing 9 months in this one bundle!

Over 126 math centers and literacy centers are perfect for kindergarten. These will last you all year!





Oh Deer! Beginning Sounds – Students will say the word and isolate the beginning sound. Students then write the whole word on the response sheet and draw a picture to match the word.

Sweet Endings – Students say the name of the picture and isolate the ending sound. Students then write the whole word on the response sheet and draw a picture to match the word. 

Gingerbread Digraphs – Students say the picture word and listen for the beginning digraph sound. Students will color in the digraph that matches the sound.

Chilly Sounds – In this simple activity, students say the name of the pictures and listen for the beginning sounds. Students color the two pictures with the same beginning sound. Students then write the beginning sound on the line. 

Skate On! – Kindergarten students have a great time sorting the capital letters and lowercase letters. Students then write the letters on the response sheet. 

Sentences for December – Students match each picture with the correct sentence and practice writing those sentences.

December Syllables – Students read the word on the card and count the syllables. Students color a snowflake for each syllable and write the word on the response sheet. 

Snowman CVC Words – In this simple activity, students read the picture on each card and color the vowel sound they hear. Students then write the word on the line. 



MATH CENTERS – For this set of math centers, students work with numbers 0-20.

Snowman Counting – Get students started on math foundational skills with this counting objects center.  Students will count the number of snowmen and then write this number three times. This is great for practicing counting and numeral writing. 

Winter 10 Frames – Students count the number in the tens frame and write it on the response sheet. 

Chilly Base 10 – Students identify the amount represented by the base 10 blocks and write the number on the response sheet. 

Hot! Hot! Hot Chocolate! – Students will say the number on the hot chocolates  in order and then write them in order on the response sheet. 

Snowy Make 10 – Students will count how many more leaves are needed to make a 10. Students will write the equation to make 10 on the response sheet. 

Winter Surprises – Students write the missing numbers on the response sheet. This is great for counting from 1 to 20. 


These predictable kindergarten centers are ideal for any classroom because the activities do not have to be retaught month-after-month. The students can apply their new knowledge to the same activities, with different themes each month. 

Each kindergarten center has a recording sheet that can be used for tracking student progress during these independent activities.

These are purposely predictable kindergarten math and literacy center activities and they are EASY PREP! Plus, each activity is standards aligned. 


Included in each month of kindergarten learning centers:

  • Minimum of 8 kindergarten literacy centers (colored & black and white versions)
  • Minimum of 8 kindergarten math centers (colored & black and white versions)
  • Recording sheet for each activity
  • Each center has 9-12 task cards for extra practice 
  • “I Can” cards to help build student independence


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