Out of Sight GROWING BUNDLE! | Editable Pocket Chart Games


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Product Description

Your students will absolutely LOVE these pocket chart games to practice math and literacy skills!

How to Play:

  1. Place the desired cards in the pocket chart.
  2. Invite individual students to come up and read the card.
  3. Once the student reads it, he/she will flip it over to see if the special card is there.
  4. Students keep track of the guesses on the student response sheets.

The sight word and math equation games are editable so you can easily differentiate for first and second grade!

This is a GROWING bundle, meaning a new set will be added each month. You will simply log into your account to re-download the resource as it updates.

Math and Literacy Skills Included for August:

  • Lowercase Letters
  • Numbers 1-6
  • Editable Sight Words
  • Editable Math Equations

Math and Literacy Skills Included for September:

  • Lowercase Letters
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Making 10
  • Editable Sight Words
  • Editable Math Equations

October: Available 9/1/21

November: Available 10/1/21

December: Available 11/1/21

January: Available 12/1/21

February: Available 1/1/22

March: Available 2/1/22

April: Available 3/1/22

May: Available 4/1/22

June: Available 5/1/22

July: Available 6/1/22

NOTE: If you are a member of the CLEVER SCHOOL TEACHER MEMBERSHIP Site, these files will be included in your LOOT for 2021-2022! Each month an additional set of activities will be added to the membership. Do not purchase this file again as it is exactly the same.