Poetry 2 Music and Video Files BUNDLE


Total Pages: 100
File Size: 2047 MB

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Product Description

Poetry Music and Video for the WHOLE YEAR!

I have teamed up with Miss Jenny and Edutunes to put my monthly poetry stations to music.

This unit contains the following files:
• Poetry 2 Music and Video April
• Poetry 2 Music and Video December
• Poetry 2 Music and Video August and September
• Poetry 2 Music and Video February
• Poetry 2 Music and Video January
• Poetry 2 Music and Video March
• Poetry 2 Music and Video May
• Poetry 2 Music and Video November
• Poetry 2 Music and Video October

Each song offers:
→MP3 track for each song with vocals
→MP3 track for each song karaoke version
→MP4 Video file for download
→MP4 Video streaming link
→Video Jukebox organizational page
→Song Book Class Book with Editable Cover Page
→Lyrics in color and black and white (with and without QR codes)
→Lyrics with and without QR codes for videos

If you need Poetry Journal Covers you can find a FREE download by clicking:

Poetry Journal Covers



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  • 2 sorting activities with response pages
  • Large print to create pocket charts displays for each of the interactive poems

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Lyrics: ©2015 Deedee Wills
Musical Composition: ©2015 Miss Jenny & ©2015 Edutunes
Musical Production: Pierre Gill
All Rights Reserved