Poetry 2: Poems for December


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Product Description

Daily shared reading with December poems – common core aligned. Reindeer games, Gingerbread, Man, Hibernation, and Cookie themed poems for your classroom!

These are the poems that are included in this resource:
•Gingerbread Boy: Gingerbread Boy poem
•Hibernate: Hibernation poem
•Cookies: Cookie poem
•Reindeer Games: Christmas themed poem

Each poem includes the following:
→Common core standards aligned chart.
→5 day fluency plan so you can keep these poetry activities going all week
→An emergent reader for each poem
→A student copy for their poetry notebook
→An “I Can” chart so students can work independently at the poetry center

Word work activities and printables:
★ diagraph ch sh th
★ sentence word count
★ blends tr gr cr
★ sentence correction x 2
★ digraph ch begin/end
★ rhyming ip unk
★ blends dr pr fr
★ syllables 1 2 3 (3 activities)
★ diagraph th begin/end
★ rhyming at ow og
★ blends sm sp st
★ diagraph sh begin/end
★ initial sounds g r
★ blends cl fl

Once the weekly poem has been used, add the poem to your poetry center. Your kindergarten and first grade students will love visiting the poems again and again!

NOTE: These poems are part this money saving poetry bundle:

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♫ Music and Video Files

I am thrilled to tell you that we have recorded MP3 and MP4 music files to go along with these poems. These music files are wonderful for your students to sing-a-long with. They are available with this additional purchase:

• Poetry 2 Music and Video December

✎Interactive Notebooks

If your class uses interactive notebooks, this interactive journal resource is also available:

• Poetry 2 Interactive Notebooks

Read how I implement this poetry resource as part of a 5 day fluency plan AND grab a free sample:

5 Day Fluency Plan with FREE Sample