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Predictable Sentences | Simple Sentences for January

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Predictable Sentences | Simple Sentences for Winter and January are a great way to support simple sentence writing for your emergent learners. This activity can be used as a sentence writing center or as a whole group sentence writing activity. It can also be used as an interactive writing activity or guided writing activity).

This simple sentence writing center includes:

  • 9 different simple sentences frames for kindergarten
  • Sight word cards so your students can build the simple sentences
  • 24 thematic vocabulary cards simple sentence writing paper (3 options)
  • an “I Can” card for student independence
  • 5 individual simple sentence writing worksheets with related sentence practice.

There are two emergent readers that are included in this packet. Both provide a predictable and simple sentence text for your kindergarten classroom.

Your kindergarten students will be able to practice writing simple sentences and have handwriting practice at the same time!

See how this sentence writing activity looks in my classroom

Sentence Writing in Kindergarten



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I hope you enjoy!


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