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Science of Reading Decodable Readers Bundle |K & 1

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These decodable readers align with our:

Science of Reading Based Not Your Mother’s Sight Words Unit and Engaging Readers Phonics Scope and Sequence.

First of all, these decodable readers are loaded to Seesaw and Google Slides!  WOOT!

All you have to do is click each link and each of the decodable book titles will be added to your library!  EASY!

Each of these books build upon each other. This is the order you will want to follow to keep the skills supported by the previous book.


  • 26 Alphabet Books_ these books follow a pattern with each book focused on one letter.
  • 25 CVC Decodable Books
  • 20 CVC Decodable Digraph Books
  • 20 CVC Decodable Blends Books
  • 20 CVCe Decodable Books
  • 20 Blends & Digraph CVCe Decodable Books
  • 15 Ending Digraph and Blends Decodable Books
  • 10 R Controlled Vowels Decodable Books
  • 10 Vowel Teams Decodable Books
  • 10 Diphthongs Decodable Books
  • 7 Syllable Types Anchor Charts and Video Explanations to Support Teachers as they offer explicit instruction.

What are decodable books?

Decodable books are texts that are written with a controlled text that is highly decodable based on the phonics taught so far. Each book will have a decodability of 70% or higher. Most of the books fall within the 80%-90% decodability range.

Each book builds upon previous skills. Within these texts, students will be practicing decoding and encoding. Blending phonemes practice is built into each text.

Are these decodable books research-based?

You may already know that these decodable texts have also been published by our partners at Hand2Mind. We are thrilled to share that both UFLI and The Reading League have added these texts to their recommended list of materials!

These decodable texts here on TpT have the same texts, lesson plans, student response pages… everything that you will find in the Hand2Mind product. So you can rest assured, these texts and lessons are research-based. If your district is looking for a Science of Reading-aligned adoption, you may wish to share this news with your administration.

UFLI Alignment to Hand2Mind Decodable Texts (column W):

The Reading League

In which order should these books be taught?

These books were intended to build upon each other. For example, the CVC Digraph books build upon the previous set of books. So after your student finishes with Digraph book #20, they will move on to the Blends book #1 and so on… Here is the order to follow:

  • Alphabet Books
  • CVC Decodable Books
  • CVC Decodable Digraph Books
  • CVC Decodable Blends Books
  • CVCe Decodable Books
  • Blends & Digraph CVCe Decodable Books
  • Ending Digraph and Blends Decodable Books
  • R Controlled Vowels Decodable Books
  • Vowel Teams Decodable Books
  • Diphthongs Decodable Books


How do I determine which books to begin with?

Your starting point will be different depending on the students’ needs. If you are introducing these decodable books to students who have mastered CVC words, you may want to begin instruction with the next set of decodable books. Please note, you may need to explicitly teach some of the sight words that your students have not learned yet.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This is the best thing that I’ve ever purchased. My classroom did not have any books that were based in the science of reading. I was able to print this out and just teach straight from it. It is so awesome and I think it really helped the kids with their reading. It’s so easy to use.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Such an awesome resource that saves so much time and makes a huge impact on student learning! My readers LOVE the books and the one page sheets! They feel so grown up reading the one page texts. Thanks, Deedee for creating another AMAZING resource!!
— Shellie S.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This resource is a life saver! I love that I have everything for my small groups at my finger tips so easy to prep. I feel organized and ready for all my small groups. My students love the stories! Such a great purchase worth every penny!

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  1. Marzena Hradecki (verified owner)

    This is a great resource. I bought it last year after viewing some of Deedee’s webinars. I love that each reader includes a one-page sheet. It is easy to follow and has everything your need. Although I highly recommend this resource, I feel like I have overpaid. When I purchased it, it was advertised for $125 and I used one of the webinar discounts and ended up paying $100. Now this resource is listed for $100 and is even on sale for $55. I guess if I would have known the listing price could go down, I may have waited to purchase it.

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