Science of Reading Small-Group Activities | Decodable Sentences | Growing Bundle


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Product Description

Science of Reading based activities! These decodable flip-to-review sentences are great for your literacy small groups! Students have fun reading and decoding the words and revealing the picture at the end.

This is a GROWING Bundle, meaning a new set will be added each month. You will simply log into your account and redownload your resources as it updates.

Here are the skills covered in this bundle:

  • CVC Words (Available Now)
    • Includes 48 decodable sentences
  • Beginning Digraphs (Available Now)
    • Includes 30 decodable sentences
  • Ending Digraphs (Available Now)
    • Includes 34 decodable sentences
  • Beginning L Blends (Available Now)
    • Includes 24 decodable sentences
  • Beginning R Blends (Coming Soon)
  • Beginning S Blends (Coming Soon)
  • NK/NG Endings (Coming Soon)
  • Silent E (Coming Soon)