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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Science of Reading Webinar Series Videos on Demand

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NOTE: This series is a recording of live session that took place in Feb/March of 2022. The videos have not been edited, but you may pause and rewind the videos as you wish. Since these have not been rerecorded, I am offering them at a very discounted rate. Join my email list so you never miss a free training!


UPDATE:  This series was repeated in August 2022, and it was requested that those recordings be added (so I did).  I also included the handouts from August 2022.  I feel these handouts add more clarity, so you may wish to download them.


Video #1 Let’s Prep!  Research

  • Research behind the Science of Reading
  • Let’s observe where we were and where we are going
  • I will provide an umbrella view of the 5 essential routines you’ll want to include in your instruction.  Each one of these routines will be discussed at greater length and detail in the subsequent webinar sessions

Video #2  A Dash of Phonemic Awareness

  • What is phonemic awareness and what it is not
  • Phonemic awareness is the secret sauce found in the Science of Reading
  • Get actionable suggestions for your classroom instruction

Video #3 A Heaping Amount of Phonics

  • What should phonics instruction look like?
  • How to teach your high-frequency words WITH your phonics instruction.
  • Get 5actionable suggestions for your classroom instruction

Video #4 Folding in Small Group Instruction with Decodable Texts

  • What is the difference between leveled texts and decodable readers?
  • Examine a lesson plan format for decodable readers
  • Get actionable suggestions for your classroom instruction (even if you are required to use leveled readers in your classroom

Video # 5 Baking Comprehension into your Day

  • Where does reading comprehension fit into a kindergarten and first grade classroom?
  • How to embed vocabulary instruction so it is not something “extra”?
  • Get actionable steps for your classroom

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