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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Phonics Teaching Slides for Kindergarten Year Long Activities with No Prep!

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indergarten phonics teaching slides year long bundle for no prep lesson activities! So easy to display and teach! Great for whole group, small group, or independent practice. Each phonics activity can be used on your smartboard or interactive whiteboard. These will save you countless hours of prep.


These phonics teaching slide lessons are aligned with our Engaging Readers phonics scope and sequence. Many activities are the same as the print version, but there are some variations.


The best part? NO PREP!

These are activities and sort to support your phonics instruction.



What is included in this kindergarten phonics lesson set?

  • 36 weeks of phonics teaching slides
  • 180 slides with phonics sorts, word sorts, and sentence work
  • All of these phonics teaching slides are preloaded to Seesaw
  • These PowerPoint slides can also be used on your white board or you can upload them to Google Slides.
  • Assessments (also added to ESGI- GET A 2 MONTH FREE TRIAL NOW!)


Phonics Scope and Sequence for week-long units of study.


Week 1 Letter sounds: t, a, b, h teaching slides

Week 2 Letter sounds: n, m, r, l, i teaching slides

Week 3 Cummulitive Phonics Review teaching slides

Week 4 Letter sounds: c, f, d, g teaching slides

Week 5Letter sounds: j, e, o, q teaching slides

Week 6 Cummulitive Phonics Review teaching slides

Week 7 Letter sounds: u, s, p, x, k teaching slides

Week 8 Letter sounds: v, w, y, z teaching slides

Week 9 Cummulitive Phonics Review teaching slides

Week 10CVC Words: at, ap teaching slides

Week 11 CVC Words: an, ad teaching slides

Week 12 CVC Words: am/review teaching slides

Week 13 CVC Words: op, og teaching slides

Week 14 CVC Words: ot, ob teaching slides

Week 15 CVC Words: et, ed teaching slides

Week 16 CVC Words: ug, ut teaching slides

Week 17 CVC Words: ip, it teaching slides

Week 18 CVC Words: ig, in teaching slides

Week 19 sh, ch digraph teaching slides

Week 20 th, wh digraph teaching slides

Week 21 ck digraph teaching slides

Week 22 oo digraph teaching slides

Week 23 ing teaching slides

Week 24 l blends teaching slides

Week 25 s blends teaching slides

Week 26 r blends teaching slides

Week 27 ang teaching slides

Week 28 ar, or teaching slides

Week 29 CVCe teaching slides

Week 30 CVCe teaching slides

Week 31 CVCe review teaching slides

Week 32 y as a vowel teaching slides

Week 33 y as a vowel teaching slides

Week 34 y as a vowel review teaching slides

Week 35 Cummulitive Phonics teaching slides

Week 36 Cummulitive Phonics teaching slides



Q: How does this connect to Seesaw?

A: Inside the download, you will find a file called READ ME FIRST. The links for each activity for the week. You simply click on the link (inside of the PDF) and it will ask if you want to add it to your Seesaw library. How EASY IS THAT!?


Q: Are PowerPoint Slides included

A: Yes! They are ready to be loaded to your Google Classroom


Q: Do you need my Seesaw login information?

A: No, inside of the document, there are links. As you click on the links, the lesson will be added to YOUR set Seesaw activities. It does not matter if your TpT email is different than your Seesaw email.


Q: Can I share these files with my parents?

A: These files are meant to be shared. They may not be placed on a school-wide server that is not password protected.


Q: Can I share these files with my team:

A. This purchase is for a single classroom use only. You may purchase an additional license if you wish to share the files with another teacher.


Q: Will my parents need a different login to use these activities.

A: No, these activities will be added to your library and you can assign them as usual.


Q: Can I edit the audio of the premade Seesaw activities.

A: With a Premium Seesaw Account, you can copy and edit the files to fit your needs.


Q: I’m having trouble loading the activities into my Seesaw account.

A: Please know that Seesaw is a bit busy right now. A trick is to log out of your account then click the link in the PDF again. That seems to work perfectly. You may need to repeat these steps of logging out and then clicking the links.



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