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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

SEESAW Preloaded | Kindergarten Phonics Bundle


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Product Description

Seesaw Preloaded Activities for kindergarten Distance learning can be a challenge. BUT Seesaw is a fantastic platform to help make it more manageable. I have teamed up with Deanna Jump to create a year’s worth of phonics instruction!

The best part? These Seesaw activities have been already loaded for you. All you need is a Seesaw account and the links that are provided in this file. WOOT!

Seesaw offers excellent training and quick start guides for you and students

This is been aligned to the Engaging Readers series. Many activities are the same as the print version, but some are different.

During distance learning, you will still need to lead the lessons in this unit.

What is included?

  • Seesaw preloaded phonics lessons
  • Google Slides ready PowerPoint… just upload the file!
  • A detailed step-by-step guide on how to add these activities to your Google Classroom with just a few clicks.
  • Image files

Scope and Sequence

  • t, a, b, h
  • n, m, r, l, i
  • c, f, d, g
  • j, e, o, q
  • u, s, p, x, k
  • v, w, y, z
  • at, ap
  • an, ad
  • am/review
  • op, og
  • ot, ob
  • et, ed
  • ug, ut
  • ip, it
  • ig, in
  • sh, ch digraph
  • th, wh digraph
  • ck digraph
  • oo digraph
  • ing
  • l blends
  • s blends
  • r blends
  • ang -ADDED
  • ar, or ADDED
  • lazy e ADDED
  • lazy e ADDED
  • lazy e review ADDED
  • tricky y ADDED
  • tricky y ADDED
  • tricky y review ADDED
  • Review
  • Review

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